Angels & NICU - Jane Whitaker Photography

Angels & NICU

Jane Whitaker Photography now offers free services to families who have lost a child too soon, whether from a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or in a NICU. 

The family will receive all the edited photos taken for free, as a gift from Jane Whitaker Photography. 

I do my best to be available for these unexpected events, so do not hesitate or wait to ask hospital staff, family, or friends to contact me. 

Call or Text Now– 801 . 735 . 3851

Unfortunately, I cannot promise to fulfill requests in all of Las Vegas because of time and travel limitations. I am currently serving the Northwest corner of Las Vegas. 

If you are interested in donating towards this cause, you may contact me personally.

I also organize NICU Care Packages to donate to families with children in the local NICUs. Since December 2015, we have donated 50+ care packages. (GoFundMe NICU Care Packages)

I strongly believe that we need each other in our communities to keep ourselves and our families strong and headed in positive directions through life. I only hope these small acts of kindness that are given will uplift those receiving these gifts.