C Family Portraits

12.19.14 – Since Las Vegas actually does get cold in the winter, this family and I decided to do a family portrait session indoors (with a few outdoors). I love the natural light that streams from windows in the afternoon, so I enjoyed getting to work inside!

It was even more fun getting to work with this family. One of my favorite moments with them was while I was doing individual portraits of the children. I sensed the older kids were not feeling as relaxed, or natural, as they could be. Their smiles were just a little too flat, and I knew they had better ones hiding. I decided to sneak away to grab their dad, and it worked like magic! As soon as they saw their dad walking back with me, those smiles (and lots of laughs) were perfect. Even if they felt like their dad was embarrassing them with ridiculous comments to make them laugh, you could tell they loved him, and that was my favorite part. 

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