First, Let Them Take a Selfie!

11.5.14 –

This family is awesome. Truly. I met them a few months ago, and am so glad I had this opportunity to get to know them a little better. 

The kids were naturals in front of the camera - and they weren't bribed (as far as I know) to pose like they loved each other. They all seemed to enjoy being together and being a family. 

I know families aren't perfect, especially at every single moment, but families are special, unique, and made for each other. That is one other reason to add to my list of why I enjoy family portraits. I love seeing the relationships that people have, and the love that I can see in their eyes and smiles, even if they feel totally awkward or uncomfortable during a shoot. 

Anyway, this family was great. By the time we got more comfortable with each other, we had a lot of fun taking "selfies." I've never done this for a client before, and it was so much fun! 

What do you think?