Sweet New Girl

9.2.2015 – Something happened this past spring while I was doing photoshoots. I don't know exactly what, but I was cursed. Each photoshoot had a terrible forecast! This newborn session was no exception. 

(Let me remind you that Nevada RARELY sees rain, and I happened to book sessions on almost all of those days)

The day we originally planned to shoot photos was supposed to be rainy, which was not ideal for the indoor photos we hoped to do, so we rescheduled to shoot a few days later.

The original session date came and went with beautiful, sunny, clear skies. We hoped the same for the new date, but the forecast was gloomy! 

In an effort to find a pattern in the weather's curse, we kept the new session date thinking it might end up being clear. Turns out, the rain poured harder and harder since the time we started. 

Although the weather was nice for the desert, and not so nice for the indoor photos, none of this affected how adorable this little girl is.

Welcome to the world, sweet thing!

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