Love from Friends

Her photography makes me think of light. She is great with babies, so patient, sweet, and truly caring. L.H.

I love the way she captures personalities in her photos. I really love the coloring she adds to them.


Jane has an easy way about her that brings out the natural, whole smile of her subjects.


Jane is so patient, relaxed, and great with the little ones. She captures  the details perfectly, and she gets that perfect picture without you realizing she is capturing the moment.


She is so easy and comfortable to be around. When she took our birth story pictures, I didn't even realize she was capturing all the moments that she did. She did a great job of capturing something real. N.F.

Jane's work is life illuminated! She can capture the essence of a family and magnify it with her technique and skill-set. You get to be you and she'll make you shine!


Her photography is timeless, unforgettable and she's able to capture the most precious moments in a single snapshot. Her photos can bring you back in time to that very special moment. A picture that lasts a lifetime that you will never get tired of looking. N.O.

There is a difference between "taking a picture" and "capturing a moment." Her pictures show the feeling of the moment really well. She cares about getting a good picture and making sure the person she is taking the pictures for is really getting what they want, even before the shoot. At our wedding, I was also very impressed with Jane's ability to balance taking enough control to get a good picture while still being very relaxed and going with the flow of things. J.G.